Wednesday, 12 July 2017

Java In The Future

Java is a programming language created by James Gosling from sun Microsystems in 1991.Later on Sun Micro systems was acquired by Oracle Corporation in 2010 According Sun Microsystems 3 billion devices run java. Java is used to create various applications like desktop, web, enterprise etc. So if want to know more about java you can enroll best Java Training in Chennai

Benefits of Java

  • Java is an open source so companies need not pay huge amount for the license
  • Java is a Platform Independent Language
  • Java supports garbage collections so memory can be managed automatically
  • Java has Exception handling features
  • Java allows to create modular programs and to reuse the code

Friday, 7 July 2017

Learn How To Make More Money With Big Data Analytics

Big Data Analytics is widely used everywhere from businesses to decision makings and providing the biggest edge over the competitors. The market is looking for such Big Data Analytics that can offer such services. We, at TIS Academy, bring to you the Big Data Analytics training in Chennai where an ocean of opportunities awaits for you.
Data is useless without the skill to analyze it. A process of examining large data sets to uncover any hidden patterns or unknown correlations, market trends, customer preferences or any other business information is what Big Data analytics does for businesses. Learn how to make more money with Big Data Analytics from us. We are the pioneers in giving you the best 
Big Data Analytics training in Chennai

Tuesday, 4 July 2017

Interesting Things about Python Training

Introduction to Python
Python is one of the scripting language programs and which supports many open source language. 90% of peoples are using python for web development because it is easy and reliable to use. As a result of many open source techniques python helps to build application at faster and efficient manner
Uses of python
Python is widely used to develop various applications and it can support various OS like windows, UNIX, Linux… Many companies like Google, Yahoo, and Bing are using python.
Feature of python
The main feature of python is that the codes are being written in c, c++ and it has readable syntax.
It has dynamic syntax.