Tuesday, 20 December 2016

Java is a general purpose computer programming language which is similar to C++ that is concurrent, class based, and object oriented and run on all platforms which support Java without the need for recompilation. The Java technology is an

Programming Language – Java can create all kinds of applications that you would create using any conventional programming language.

Development Environment – Java technology provides large suite of tools such as compiler, interpreter, documentation generator, class file packaging tool.

Application Environment – Java Technology applications are typically general purpose programs that run on any machine where the JRE is installed.

Deployment Environment – The JRE supplied by the Java SDK contains complete set of class files includes basic classes, GUI components and so on .The another component is on your web browser.

Java Virtual Machine – It is an imaginary machine implemented by emulating software on a real machine which provides hardware specifications.

Garbage Collection – It is responsible for freeing any memory that can be freed which happens automatically at the time of java program.

Code Security – It is attained in Java through the implementation of its JRE which runs code compiled for a JVM and performs class loading, code verification and code execution.

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